About the mxPress Plugin

mxPress is a open source community project that helps Bloggers & Community based projects easily create Blogs (a.k.a “apps”) on Mxit.

In technical jargon, mxPress integrates the Mxit Mobi API from Mxit with WordPress. The mxPress plugin is made available by Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd under the open source BSD-3 license.

Instead of  developing a Mxit App, Site or Blog from scratch, you can set one up in a few minutes using the mxPress WordPress plugin for Mxit.

What is Mxit?

  • Mxit started in 2006 as a chat client for feature phones which allowed users to send messages to each other at low cost (using the data available on phones, rather than SMS)
  • Since then, Mxit has grown to become the largest social network in South Africa, with 9.3 million active users measured in a 12 week period up to the end of June 2012.
  • Users on Mxit now not only send direct messages to each other, but also use Mxit to access services which include chat rooms, games like chess, and use 3rd party Mxit services. This includes Kazazoom services such as Ask.Kim.

What does this plugin do?

  • In a nutshell, the mxPress WordPress Plugin allows anyone (even non-developers) who are currently running a Blog, Website, or Mobi Site using WordPress, to automatically show their WordPress site on Mxit as a contact.
  • Mxit users can now invite “yourname.blog” on Mxit, and will then see your Blog on  their phone.
  • As an example, invite “wpmx” on Mxit and see THIS SITE on Mxit. It is being displayed on Mxit by the mxPress plugin. All we did was install the plugin into this WordPress site that you are reading right now.

Why would I use this plugin?

  • Typically, to create a Mxit App you would need to code an App from scratch using the Mxit C# API or Mxit Mobi API.
  •  With this plugin, you do not need to do any development to get your existing (or new) WordPress site integrated with Mxit.
  • Mxit has opened up their platform to 3rd party developers which means anybody, yes even you can host a Mxit App on the Mxit Platform, read more at the Mxit Developer Site.

How do I install the plugin?

What happens after I have installed the plugin?

  • Click on the Mxit Developer Site and register your Mxit App.
  •  Read more about the process in the Mxit App Getting Started Guide.
  • Once you click “Create Mobi Portal”, you will be prompted for a URL. Simply enter the URL of your WordPress site.

Why did we create the plugin?

Kazazoom aims to bring interactive content services to the majority of Africans through affordable technologies.

Our vision for the mxPress plugin is that NPO, Community-based projects, Educational Institutions, and other charitable organisations will leverage the plugin to;

  • Reach the largest possible digital audience in South Africa;
  • Focus on creation of content rather than technical development.

Who are the authors?

  • mxPress was created by Eric Clements and Andre Clements combining their experiences in Digital: 9 years of mobile related challenges, 18 months of research and development on the Mxit Platform, and 7 years of WordPress customization. Eric Clements founded Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd in 2011 which focuses on the design, development and maintenance of Mxit Services. Kazazoom operates 8 services on Mxit with a total user reach of over 600,000 registered users.

New contributors to the project are welcome! New users of the plugin are equally welcome.

mxPress is not an official product from Mxit, it is a community based project run by Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.